Seville, Andalusia – (September 21, 1975). The beginning of democracy in Spain and globalization of almost everything all over The World !!

I still can not indicate the second date of this informal biography, but yes, I would like to continue painting if it is possible.

Since I was a child I like to capture places, situations or environments to paint them from my own point of view. We use to do this at the beginning of our childhood and school. Soon we have to change the colors for square roots.

I continued drawing till being a profesional graphic designer based on computer. Nowadays im changing the digital for the original, enjoying greatly both being self-taught, and training daily with experienced artists from Spain and all over the world.

Make continuous artist residence in Sa Sinia Art Hub Menorca in the “love of art” way, is a motivation and a pleasure nowadays.

I could consider my last paintings as a POST-ISM EXPRE-IMPRE (As i believe that both movements are more united than separated) & FAUVIST (As i love how this short period is based on the color).

I ignore the end of these strokes, but what I am sure is that I enjoy each one of them.

Special thanks to my good friend, daily help & amazing artist Javier Martín, as well as the best partners from Menorca as Brokas, Roberto Lopez, Marc Rosanas and so much more of them 😉


Open to work with private shows, my biggest gallery with my last and fresh work is located at my official Instagram feed, where i used to show you my latest artwork, with my own #tags, comments, DM, etc.

For any inquiries feel free to send me an email to

If you would like to keep in touch with my little corner of the world, please follow me on Instagram!

Thank you all so much for your support!

Chus Galiano